Water Treatment Products & Services

From water treatment chemicals and complete wastewater treatment systems to environmentally friendly industrial cleaner - disinfectant and sanitizer; we are committed to ensure that your facility operates trouble free at its optimum capability.
We provide professional problem-solving expertise in industrial and municipal water/wastewater treatment chemicals, equipment, services as well as one stop in-plant aqua solution from start-up and commissioning, maintenance and repair to chemical treatment process and system optimization that is suitable for these applications:   

1. Water clarification treatment.
2. Wastewater treatment chemicals and systems.
3. Cooling water treatment.
4. Potable water treatment.
5. Boiler water treatment.
6. Municipal Sewage.

  7. Oil & Gas
  8. Raw water remediation
  9. Automotive
10. Pulp & Paper
11. Mining


Municipal Sewage

Potable Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Water / Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
1. Bacteria Control / Biocides – Glutaraldehyde, H2S Scavenger, THPS, DMO, HHT and ETC.
2. Calcium Chloride
3. Cleaning Agent – Degreaser, Disinfectant and ETC.
4. Coagulants and Flocculants – PAC, PHPA and ETC.
5. Defoamer – Silicone and Water-based
6. Sludge / Emulsion Breaker


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