TSS™ STAINLESS STEELS / Stainless Steel 400 series

Stainless Steel SUS 439, 444, 430



TSA is the FIRST industrial hardware supplier to introduce Ferritics Stainless Steel (e.g. SUS 439 & 444) to the fast growing market in Malaysia, as a move to introduce an economical alternative to Austenitic Stainless Steel (e.g. SUS 304 & 316). Furthermore, TSA also carrying its wholly-owned subsidiary’s brand of TSS™ ornamental, square & rectangular pipe to capture the market needs & requirements.

Beside these, TSA also supplies other SUS 439 products such as:-

  • SUS 439 Coil and SUS 439 Plate :
    Thickness : 0.4mm - 3.0mm (2B, 4B, HL,BA, Mirror)
    Thickness : 3.0mm - 6.0mm (1B)
  • SUS 439 Angle, Flat Bar and Rod



Basically, Stainless Steels are “stainless” because the Chromium (Cr) content gives the greatest contribution towards corrosion resistance, NOT Nickel. In recent years, prices of Nickel have exploded and Nickel is a constituent of widely used “Austenitic” (300 series) stainless steel grades. Good news is that “Ferritic” (400 series) stainless steel have no or low Nickel content which result in lower and stability in pricing. Thus, why pay more for Nickel if you don't have to?



The common “Ferritic” grades (400 series) include 409, 410, 430, 439 and 444 . Ferritic (400 series) actually outshine Austenitic (300 series) in several characteristics:-

  • Ferritic usually Cheaper (because they have no or low nickel content)
  • Lower thermal expansion (they expand less than austenitics when heated)
  • Higher thermal conductivity (they conduct heat more evenly than austenitics)
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  • Easier to cut and work
  • Useful magnetism for wider applications



SUS 439 & 444 provides an economical alternative (lower cost, stable price), better welding ability and formability and its behavior is, in most cases, equivalent to SUS 304 & 316. Furthermore, SUS 439 has excellent corrosion resistance and received SIRIM Certificates on Salt Spray Test and also passed the PSB Corp ( Singapore ) Salt Spray (Fog) Test on Metal Part on simulated corrosion resistance evaluation.

  1. ASTM B368-97 (2003) - SIRIM CASS Test (Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid -Salt Spray (Fog) Testing)
  2. ASTM D1141-98 (2003) - SIRIM Salt Spray Test
  3. ASTM B117-03 - PSB Salt Spray (Fog) Test
  4. MALAYSIAN FOOD ACT 1983 (ACT 281) - Leaching Test for Kitchen Utensil



The belief arose among consumer that Ferritics are not “real” Stainless Steels and will rust like carbon steel because of its magnetism. Magnetism is NOT the way to test the “real” Stainless Steels. Magnetism has absolutely nothing to do with corrosion resistance. For instance, 200 series (SUS 201 & 202) are non-magnetic yet it will rust when used improperly on external application or aggressive environment due to lower corrosion resistance (Source: www.assda.asn.au ), furthermore the price of SUS 201 & 202 is comparable to SUS 439 .


Such Ferritic material was sourced from European countries and the quality of SUS 439 & 444 was proven in Europe market over the years, which are suitable for internal and external applications. Applicable industries include construction, food & beverage, furniture, automotive - Stainless Steel gate & grill, exhaust system, kitchenware, guttering, oven, solar water heater, elevators, kangaroo bar, sugarcane mill's heat exchanger and others just to name a few. Ferritics (400 series) has been widely accepted and used in Europe, ASEAN, Japan, Korea and others to replace the Austenitic (300 series).



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